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Unofficial Mi MAX 3 : Mobile data issue, any hope to get this fixed ?



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Hi forum friends,

i'm fun for large screen phones, mainly for work! - we hardly find similar with this price and specifications !

8 months ago, bought used Aliexpress mi max 3 but came Mi blocked because first owner hadn't deactivated his mi account before selling it,
I tried to send it back to provider, but I got it back after months because was blocked by customs,
Now, i succeeded installing unofficial roms from 4pda but all are having mobile data issue, evrything else is looking fine (phone, sms, photos, emails, wifi etc...), and phone works really fine, ONLY mobile Data is not stable and i'm getting no service from time to time, and LTE or E or H+ in data speed,
even when it shows LTE+, YouTube is loading very very slowly !!!

I tried many ideas by googling : changed firmware, flashed persist.img, flashed NON-HLOS.bin file, but no way to get data working normally,
Any hope to get any help here ? - thank you very much
I also tried many times to reach Xiaomi local team, and wrote many times to mi support via email and joined order, personal photo and identity card but no way to get any answer??.

Thank you a lot for any reply or help +++

> Here are its specifications
- Mi max 3 - 6 GB RAM - 128 GB ROM
- Product name : M1804E4A
- On box : 2 IMEI with same number (if this helps!) - but in settings : there 2 different ones : 1st with number like indicated on box, 2nd with other new number

- Recovery OrangeFox is installed & works fine
- tried xda old roms and current 4pda roms : Android 10, 11 and 12L : but same issue!
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you can use a bypass miui rom, I think it will be more stable. Contact my telegram t.me/tungtata


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@Tungtata : thank you a lot for your contact, can not access via telegram for now, you think that buy using your code to bypass OTP sms to flash new mui eu rom ? - all tries finished mith black screen telling me that this device is blocked and have to confirm old-owner mi account
- tried also to flash mui repacked zip with prog_emmc_firehose_Sdm660_ddr.elf file, but no way to boot to edl mode (via fastboot or adb) ...
Will contact you soon