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Guide [App][Hydrogen/Helium][6.0.1][MIUI7.5.1.0] Change 4G Icon for All Android



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Okey, this articles is remind me when i'm interest to change 4G icon on my Android Mi Max 1 Prime Helium statusbar.

Perhaps it'll be difficult things to edit and change some 4G icon on Res folder from SystemUI.apk located in root folder -> System -> Priv-app -> SystemUI.

And probably not all 5G icon from Magisk Module will compatible for all android devices, specially for Official Stock ROM from device manufacturer.

But this tips must have Root and Xposed Framework installed, and compatible for all android devices.
And i still recommended must have Magisk installed.
To avoid bootloop after reboot, using Magisk Module Bootloop Saver Protector.

Okey, here we go...

Minimum requirement:
- Android 6.0.1 (Please use at your own risk if you use bellow, but it still compatible without Magisk).
- Magisk Manager.v20.4 or above version.
- Bootloop Saver Protector Installed from Magisk.
- Xposed Framework Installed from Magisk.
- Flat Style Bar Indicators Pro (Please download from Xposed Module Repository).

Here's step:
1. Your device must Root and Magisk installed.
2. Install Bootloop Saver Protector from Magisk.
3. Instal Xposed Framework from Magisk.
4. Please download and install Flat Style Bar Indicators from Xposed Module Repository.
Here's link: Flat Style Bar Indicators

Here's how:
1. I assume you has done with all step from above.
2. Please open Flat Style Bar Indicators Pro that you has done download and install from PlayStore.
3. No need to change anything, just click to open Mobile Data from Indicators menu.
4. Click to open Connection Type Text from Mobile Data menu.
5. At the Connection Type Text menu bellow, please click Add from Mapping menu.
6. From here you can change all Network Icon as you wanted.
7. After you click Add from Mapping menu, there'll be show the 2nd Mapping menu to write network icon based from your network device.
8. For an example: From 4G to 5G, then click Apply.

0.Change 4G Icon for All Android!!_1649705248187.jpg

Pretty cool isn't it?!

All credits for all developers.
Thanks to Topjohnwu for Magisk.
Thanks to HuskyDG for Magisk Bootloop Protector.
Thanks to Rovo89 for Xposed Framework.
Thanks to Ibocharov for Flat Style Bar Indicators.

PS: I beg you pardon me, if my english language are really bad. I'm just want to share my knowledge for all android and Mi Max 1 Prime Helium end user 🙏🏻